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Considering dating is illegal in Saudi Arabia doesn’t mean it is not happening. So let’s pretend it’s not happening. Let’s go further and help out the married couples who want to enjoy a date night out or best buddies for an all-girls date-night. So we’ve gathered up a few places that will keep your date night special but also under the radar. Our criteria was basically a place secluded enough to really enjoy yourself and not be on obvious display . But, also a place that you would truly enjoy, so good food and nice atmosphere included.

  1. Nafoura| Park Hyatt Jeddah :  You are essentially paying for “special”, what that means is that at a high price tag you will for sure impress your date. But it must be said that  it does offer a lot, with 5-star chefs serving up the finest cuisine and beautiful seating areas. Lovely view of the city’s landmark fountain makes the date much more memorable.
  2. Cheesecake Factory: This place is a lot better on the wallet but still offers a nice dining scene. The cozy booth style-seating and dim lighting offers a very warm and romantic feel to your meal.
  3. The Butcher’s Shop & Grill: I don’t think there is a place that embodies the romantic feel as much as this place. Dimly lit dining areas combined with dark leather and wood interiors and candle-lit tables have secured this place in our list.
  4. Al Wadaa|Movenpick: What’s more romantic than sunset by the sea shore with your loved one. Nothing, exactly and that’s why we recommend this place for a special night out. Added bonus is that after dinner enjoy dessert and coffee with a side of shisha if you fancy.
  5.  Amara Terrace: This is a breakfast date spot. It is quite busy but the place is generally secluded and found on the 3rd floor of the complex. Ceiling to floor windows engulf the dining space in natural light and it just feels good to be there.

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  • Bader Shann November 21, 2015 at 11:46 pm

    thanks a lot for these ideas, we’ll try the Amara Terrace me and my girlfriend, but what your recommendation about a nice and date-able Coffee? with a nice Shisha for sure.

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