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Posted on May 28, 2014

Long-Distance Relationships


I’ve posted before about trying to maintain relationships with family and friends at home while being an expat but I thought we should talk about maintaining a romantic long-distance relationship. You may be separated from your mate by a mere few hours-drive; a lengthy bus/train ride away or even oceans may separate you. Regardless of the distance, there is nothing worse than being separated during memorable milestones (birthdays, holidays, anniversaries). The endless good mornings, and goodnights on the end of a receiver, falling asleep to the sound of your mates voice and the aching to show physical affection are just a few indicators of how challenging a long-distance relationship can be.

Posted on May 10, 2014

So you fell “IN LOVE” with a Saudi….

To all the ladies (& fewer gents), Falling in love with a Saudi be it abroad or in country is not a rare phenomenon. Yes, you may have not come by many Saudi’s in the past and by mere fate you may have fallen in love with one. But, let’s be frank for a second, the “Saudi” you’ve fallen for will most likely
be 1. A Muslim, 2. Traditional, 3. An Arab. It seems that only in the cases of girl meets Saudi does the girl become blind. So blind that she fails to interpret the tell tale signs of most men. Yes, Saudi’s are men.

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Posted on March 21, 2014

Chanel Hair Perfume


Coco Mademoiselle is one of my all-time favourite perfumes. It just works for me and I have been faithful to it for a while. The latest trend in the perfume world is “hair perfume” basically perfume for your hair. Chanel has jumped on the trend releasing almost all of their top perfumes in “hair perfume” version. At first, I thought this was so stupid, why don’t I just spray my regular perfume in my hair (which I’ve always done) but after using it I think I kinda like it.

Posted on December 15, 2013

How to pick-up someone in Saudi?

saudi dating

The thought of courting (romantically) in Saudi Arabia is hard to believe, let alone casual dating. But believe it and me it happens  quite a lot. In a country with strict gender-segregation rules and ultra Islamic-conservative practices it’s hard to comprehend the idea of
dating. Considering dating publicly is strictly against the law here, keep it discrete and you may get away with it. I am by no means advocating forbidden dating. I am a realist and truth be told, it happens. So, for all you single expats venturing out to Saudi Arabia this may in fact be the place you find your soul mate (cheesy, I know).

I have listed the top 5 most popular ways to pick up somebody; Keep in mind discretion is key.
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Posted on October 23, 2013



Bahrain is probably the most visited destination for Saudi residents both locals and expats. Its close proximity and liberality are huge draws to the Kingdom made of islands (33 islands to be exact). The country is often shamelessly coined a rather derogatory term in Saudi Arabia ; based largely on the western-liberal nature of the country. The term in arabic translates to “Saudi’s whore” which to me is appalling.

After my first ever visit to the country I was awe- struck at the pleasures it offered. To me it was the right balance of WEST meets EAST. So much so that I fell in love with the country. There is a certain sense of ease and calm throughout the country, not to mention the cleanliness. I was so pleased to see that everywhere you went people were respected despite their nationalities, living in sync with one another. With such a large expat community I felt that Bahrain has perfected the idea of comfortable living for everyone. Yes there is still a large social class difference between expats and natives but not once did I find a difference in the way they were treated. Everyone is treated with respect and class. Something that is easily forgotten while living in Saudi Arabia.

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