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Posted on March 25, 2017



children-shopping-saudiarabiaOne of the most exciting things about expecting a little one is getting ready for it. From nursery decor ideas to wardrobe selections. One thing that Saudi Arabia and most of the Middle East region excel at is retail shopping. You don’t realize the extent of the children retail sector is until you actually start shopping in it. I was happily surprised to find Zara kids, Mango kids and H&M kids amongst the hundreds of shops dedicated to all things children. Read more

Posted on March 22, 2017



obgyn-pregnancy-jeddah Mentioned in an early blog post that one of the most important steps of getting pregnant no matter where you are is finding an ob/gyn to take on your pregnancy. It is so important to have someone that monitors you over the long haul so that they can pinpoint any drastic changes or possible problems in your pregnancy. The problem with being in Saudi Arabia is that even thou the birth rate in the country is very high, the likelihood of finding an ob/gyn is not so high. Many expats are accustomed to their family doctor simply referring them to an ob/gyn with not much hassle. However, here in Saudi Arabia you have to find your own. Read more

Posted on March 20, 2017

Pregnant in Saudi Arabia

Talks out that you are pregnant may it be a surprise or something you having been anticipating for a while opens up a brand new world of all things pregnancy related. This post is to address the most basic and early things many of us encounter when we find out we’re pregnant while living in Saudi Arabia.

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Posted on March 4, 2017




It has been a while since we blogged and it was a conscious decision to stop until we thought that continuing would be as authentic as it always is. Personally I decided to stop blogging over the last few months because of personal changes that made it near impossible for me to continue blogging honestly.

We were expecting our first child, here at THEARABMODE , and now having the baby I finally have both the energy and interest to pick up where we left off. As many of you may know, I am an expat and most of my pregnancy was completed outside Saudi Arabia. This is the main reason why I didn’t feel right blogging about life in the Middle East  while not being there at the moment.

Happy to say we (I have become baby&me!) are now back in the KSA. Also, the blog will continue to be a guide to help and inform you about life here as it did before. Of course we will be writing the blog with an additional perspective which is motherhood. I hope to share information relating to pregnancy, birthing, and motherhood as best as I can.

Glad to be back



Posted on September 19, 2015


It seems like a decade ago I first mentioned online shopping in Saudi Arabia here on the blog. But being one of the most viewed posts of all-time it clearly speaks for itself. Many people including myself prefer online shopping, to the over crowded malls of Saudi. Not to mention the endless selection, better deals, and hard to find items all readily available at the click of a button.
As pleasant as online shopping is, the hardship falls on delivery options. With a practically non-existent postal service here in Saudi Arabia and no logical address system, delivery can become very chaotic. Let’s not forget online shopping is limited to courier service delivery that often adds a hefty surcharge to your order, sometimes making the
entire purchase impractical.
My review of the top places to shop online mentioned in my previous post still remain some of my favorites however with time comes new and better discoveries to I have listed my all-time 5 absolute favorite online shops.
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