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Posted on April 27, 2014



Hassane Dennaoui is a name synonymous with the emerging hip-hop scene embracing the Middle East. Known more famously as Big Hass you are sure to come across this guy when discussing the state of hip-hop in the region. A fellow supporter and advocate for regional talent he has been paving the way for all things hip-hop in the Middle East for years. A huge supporter of regional talent he is often found promoting talents from all over the region.

Posted on April 1, 2013

Blogger of Sex in Saudi Arabia



The very popular Saudi native Dr. Abdul Al-lily has made a name for himself amongst the blogosphere as venturing and uninhibited. The brainchild behind the blog “Sex & Beyond: Saudi” Dr. Abdul creates a safe haven for people to unload their sexual queries. His blog is informative, well researched, thought provoking and entertaining. If this isn’t enough, Dr.
Abdul Al-Lily further impresses with an ivy-league doctorate and masters and currently holds the title Professor at the regional university.
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