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Posted on September 13, 2015


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Indonesia is one of those places that easily gets forgotten. Especially overshadowed by their own traveller’s destination island of Bali. So commonly is Indonesia forgotten that many people don’t associate the two at all. Often clueless to the fact that Bali is not a country but rather located in the country of Indonesia.
After making my way to Bali I completely understood the utter obsession with the island that is larger than life. It has an exciting of making you wash away all of your stresses and just puts your mind and body in complete ease. It’s popularly known for its 5-star healing resorts and relaxation retreats.
With incredible dining options, over-the-top restaurants, and amazing spas Bali tops my list of places to visit.But to be fair Indonesia has so much to offer, mountainous cities that allow for breathtaking views and chilly weather to coastal regions to busy metropolitan cities. You can get a bit of shopping done at Mangga Dua in Jakarta (Chinatown). If you’re looking for souvenirs, fake designer bags, clothes, electronics or just about anything then this is where you need to visit.
After a too short visit to the lovely country I have photo documented just a bit of what it has to offer…By the way we visited both Puncak and Bali with a short stay in Jakarta. I do recommend you visit if you have the chance. It’s guaranteed to be a great time.  Read more
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