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Posted on May 24, 2017



BREW92°BREW92° is where good food and great coffee meet. The relatively new coffee cafe is not one to be missed.  Having gone several times over the months I wanted to share this Jeddah based gem with all of you. For starters the coffee menu is impressive, cold brew, chemex, french press just to name a few methods on how these guys are pouring that black liquid  gold into our mugs. Read more

Posted on December 4, 2014


I’ve mentioned our love for Asian food a few times here on the blog and even thou we try anything and everything, only some places are truly blog worthy. The next spotlighted Asian restaurant found here in Jeddah has to be PANJAN ASIAN Restaurant. Not only is it located in one of my favorite dining scenes (THE COURTYARD) in town but the food and service was excellent. 

After debating the menu we finally settled on a few dishes we could finally agree on. The order had us impressed everything served seemed to get better and better.
Posted on January 18, 2014


Sometimes all you want is good food, good company and good times. And Applebee’s has delivered in true casual dining fashion the restaurant has mastered the art of good food – no fuss dining. Making my way to the Applebee’s Restaurant in Jeddah (Al Andalus location) I was quickly convinced that my experience was going to be nothing but superb.
The restaurant’s decor will have many food snobs running for the door; walls covered in American culture memorabilia, stained glass dividers with vinyl seating booths. To me it was comforting, warm, laid-back and cozy. You get that feeling that it’s cool to take your time in the restaurant, enjoy good food as well as the company you come with. You will not find that
stiff dining atmosphere of “eat and leave” but rather encouraged to
take your time, converse and relax.
Posted on October 21, 2013



I absolutely love fish. It has to be one of my favourite dishes to eat at home and out. I specifically enjoy fresh fish that is prepared to order and I have to say that I have eaten at many fish restaurants, always looking for the next best fish restaurant. AL DAR FISH RESTAURANT is one of the best. A restaurant that is definitely not easy on the eyes with a tacky, dated and very bizarre decor it is quickly dismissed as a dump. BUT rest assure this restaurant has AMAZING food, everything is so delicious. Freshly prepared plates on order and different menu options to cater all your fishy desires. The restaurant is budget friendly, stomach pleasing and in the heart of the city (JEDDAH).

” freshly prepared fish found in the heart of the city”
Posted on July 23, 2013


Detroit, Michigan is not somewhere you would probably place on your top 10 destinations to visit but nonetheless it definitely is a must see. With my older sister currently living in Windsor, Ontario that means Detroit is just a few mins away. The long drive to Windsor , Ontario from Ottawa (my hometown) was a lengthy 10-hours but was definitely worth it once we got to D-town.
There is so much to see and do but I have summed it down to my usual 5 Things, hope you enjoy!
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