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Posted on June 2, 2015



Nothing makes me happier than discovering a new Yemeni restaurant. For starters I have previously stated my bias towards Yemeni cuisine and I feel that it is the best when it comes to this region. That being said most Yemeni food lovers will proudly state that the best Yemeni dining here in Jeddah is either from a food stall or one of those very quick eat diners. You often don’t equate Yemeni food with fine dining but that is exactly what BAB AL YEMEN has to offer. A tasteful decor with an extensive menu of classic Yemeni dishes, sides, drinks and desserts this place is refreshing.

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Posted on May 13, 2015




There are a few things that make us really enjoy eating out. They usually include dim lighting, comfy chairs,good food and great service. That is exactly what we found at REEM AL BAWADI a popular Lebanese family restaurant found here in Jeddah. With a very extensive menu ranging from grilled meat platters to pasta dishes there is something to please everyone ( a bit overwhelming). Read more

Posted on February 17, 2015



Nothing is better on the weekend than brunch served with a side of sunshine. That is exactly what we had in mind when we visited Amara Terrace this past weekend. After hearing rave reviews of the hottest place to have breakfast in Jeddah it was only fair we give it a try. The place is located behind the Hilton Hotel Corniche and is found on the 2nd floor of the Bellavdre complex. The complex is home to 3 other restaurants but we were here for breakfast.

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Posted on February 9, 2015




Looking for a lite, savory, delicious yet healthy meal? Then, SHOBAK has you covered. A simple concept elevated a little further. Shobak is a pie shop (flat bread), it offers a selection of pies to its customers ranging from simple cheese topped pies to cheeseburger stuffed pies. offering a few side dishes of salads, halloumi and wedges/fries they have perfected simplicity. No fuss here. Read more
Posted on January 7, 2015


This place came up as a complete fluke, and I’m so happy that it did. Literally, in the car running errands and feeling hungry we took to FOURSQUARE to find the closest place to eat. Turns out that COUNTRYSIDE was the closest eatery that we could agree on so we took to it. Never having heard of it before I was leaving it to the FOURSQUARE tips to lead me to my fate ( a bit dramatic). More like to our lunch. Anyhow, first impressions alone, you should know that the way to my heart is a cowskin rug. They have the whole rustic southern decor going on with red leather seating, dim lighting, beautiful rugs and dark wood floors. Read more
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