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Posted on March 7, 2017

Italian Touch Cafe (it.)



One of the newer places to eat here in Jeddah has become the cafe/eatery type restaurants. Basically very cutely decorated dining atmospheres that serve up all the things a cafe would have, so extensive coffee and tea menus, as well as huge glass cases filled with delectable pastries and desserts. They  often have a good sized  breakfast/lunch menu  that can be easily eaten throughout the day; an assortment of soups, sandwiches, salads etc. Read more

Posted on March 5, 2017




BOGA SUPERFOODS is Jeddah’s answer to healthy eating. As well as mine to be truthfully honest, it’s been hard eating healthy post-baby and it only makes it harder when all you want is something to fill you up. I know all the gibberish that comes with healthy eating, macros, vegan, plant-based blah blah. Basically everyone has a take on what is healthy, I’ll settle with simple fresh food that hasn’t been overly processed. That is exactly what BOGA offers, and with the looks of it people are enjoying it. There is always a line out the door when we come (which is often) and the food always seems to satisfy.  Read more

Posted on January 26, 2015


Don’t be misled by the name as foolishly as I was, but this place has a lot to offer. My mind and stomach categorize “cafe” as pretty pastries and warm drinks, but that is not the case
here. CAFFE AROMA, which should really be labeled restaurant and cafe is place you don’t want to miss. After a friend kept hassling us to visit we headed down there to see what all the fuss was about.
Posted on December 19, 2014

19th Century Burger


Having reviewed my share of burger joints inRiyadh. I have to say that Jeddah has really come up on their burger game. A place I’ve wanted to try for a while and have now gotten around to and happily so is 19th Century Burger.  The service is outstanding and the dining atmosphere is one of calm and relaxing. With modern industrial decor, dim lighting and comfy seating it is definitely a place you want to go and try. I must say that food alone the menu is simple, convenient and straightforward. Basically, you get what it says.  Read more

Posted on November 30, 2014


Being one of the many people around the globe that has some type of food intolerance, I know the panic that sets in when you can’t find anything remotely digestible in the supermarket. It always delights  me when I go grocery shopping and find a fully stocked aisle of all thing food friendly. Manuel Market   is just the place to find an assortment of things that meet most foodies needs. There are several locations across Jeddah, the prices are fair and the best part is that the assortment is huge. I figured I would share with you all, considering it is a bit tricky finding these things around Saudi Arabia.
Read more
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