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Posted on April 10, 2014



I was so excited when I found this product on the shelves of the ATTARAH on my latest visit to MEDINA. I couldn’t believe that it was there, I literally yelped in excitement to both my mates and shopkeepers surprise. Green Lipstick also referred to commonly as Magic Lipstick is probably my favourite beauty find in Saudi Arabia. The product is not Saudi- made and is in fact a Taiwanese product dating back decades. The reason why this product is know to be magically is because when applied to lips it rubs on clear and turns lips shades of red. Depending on the person’s natural lip shade and PH the shade of red will differ. For instance on me it applies a deep pinkish-red colour where someone with lighter lips will have a more light pink coverage.
Posted on January 2, 2014


When you first take a glimpse into an ATTARAH you would easily mistaken it for a witchcraft shop. With products stacked floor to ceiling leaving little room to wander around you could only imagine what this place has in store. The questionable dried herbs, grounded powders and mixed oils could have you running for the door.  But trust me it is definitely worth the time and the browse. Spending almost an hour on my first visit; looking at all the products and asking questions I have to say this is definitely a must-see/do for any beauty addict.


Posted on December 25, 2013


 Saudi Arabia Hair Laser Removal


So it’s time for yet another beauty secret to be unveiled. This pick is all about hair removal. As someone with Arab ancestry, something passed down through the generations is the hairy factor. I must admit I am not overly hairy but the ever too often waxing; threading, shaving combo has been a part of my life for a while. What I didn’t know is that when the women of Saudi remove their unwanted hair they do it PERMANENTLY. So, this is where my 4th pick comes; LASER HAIR REMOVAL. It is all the rage here and with competing clinics buying for the large client base the treatments are the latest and most affordable found in the GCC. With many clinics offering full service hair removal, if you want it gone its gone!

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Posted on December 18, 2013


So here goes my third pick for Saudi Arabian Beauty Bits (Pick1&Pick2), KOHL. What are more sexy then sultry eyes? I must say that even thou most women in Saudi Arabia have only their eyes visible, they have mastered the seduction through eyes. Literally these women have it going on! I know you can find hundreds of eyeliners and shadows on the market that claim to give the blackest eyes BUT I think Saudi has hit the motherboard when it comes to eyeliner.
Posted on December 7, 2013



So here is my pick for the second post in the series (first pick). It is also hair-related, but I promise there will be other beauty products to come. Hair has been an obsession of mine since moving to Saudi Arabia. It is the one thing that has changed the most, thinning out majorly and extreme tangling. I have no idea why, but many expats have complained of the same thing. I think it is the water but who knows? …

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