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Posted on January 18, 2014


Sometimes all you want is good food, good company and good times. And Applebee’s has delivered in true casual dining fashion the restaurant has mastered the art of good food – no fuss dining. Making my way to the Applebee’s Restaurant in Jeddah (Al Andalus location) I was quickly convinced that my experience was going to be nothing but superb.
The restaurant’s decor will have many food snobs running for the door; walls covered in American culture memorabilia, stained glass dividers with vinyl seating booths. To me it was comforting, warm, laid-back and cozy. You get that feeling that it’s cool to take your time in the restaurant, enjoy good food as well as the company you come with. You will not find that
stiff dining atmosphere of “eat and leave” but rather encouraged to
take your time, converse and relax.
Posted on February 15, 2013

Ketchup Restaurant

Ketchup Restaurant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia seems to hold all the promise of an American style gastropub (minus the pub). Located on the popular Tahlia St. I ventured out to the restaurant to give it a try. Arriving a little past three in the afternoon on a Thursday the restaurant had very few customers and that should have been an indicator. Family (females) seating is located on the upper floor of the restaurant, decorated in reds and whites the restaurant gives off a very mod club feel.
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