Posted on June 1, 2014

Le Gourmet Danube, Saudi Arabia


Luxury foods are hard to come by here in Saudi Arabia. If you’re looking for a particularly fine food ingredient or type of rare cheese you most likely will not find it in your local supermarket. Things like natural vanilla bean, vanilla (extract), mascarpone, Himalayan salts, truffle oil and the likes of others can now be found at the specialty shop created by the mega supermarket chain Danube. Le Gourmet can be found adjacent to the Danube hypermarket found in Riyadh’s Panorama Mall. The shop is small but offers a lot, similar to a fine food shop found back home. The shelves are stacked with hard to get food items, imported delicacies and delicious
It is heavily influenced by the cuisines of Italy and England. This can be quickly seen with the countless pasta, risotto and macaroni packages. While the jars of fruit conserve and marmalades, biscuits and teas are bountiful.
I most say that with rarity come hefty prices and most food items are
absurdly costly compared to what you would find back home. I guess desperate
needs call for desperate expenditures. But if you’re looking for a specific recipe ingredient and can’t seem to find elsewhere you may want to check out this place.
It’s a lovely place to visit if you’re looking for a special host gift, or if you’re hosting a dinner party but I’m pretty sure that your weekly shopping list won’t be met here.
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