Posted on December 28, 2015

Section-B سِكشن-بي


section-b -burger

The hamburger craze in Saudi Arabia is something that keeps getting stronger. I have unofficially labelled Riyadh the burger capital of the kingdom, but it seems lately Jeddah has been creeping up to take the title. I enjoy I good burger, the meat to bread bun ratio, fresh lettuce onions and tomatoes with a dab of ketchup and mustard. Yes I like my burger a certain way, but with hamburgers getting all fancy nowadays it seems that basic burgers just ain’t making the cut anymore.

I promise this isn’t a post on my burger preferences, it’s actually a review. So, Section-B Burgers what can I say? Let’s just go back a bit, to where this all started. What is now Section-B Burger shop was once an idea amongst 5 Saudi friends that loved the idea of a char-grilled burger and decided that they were gonna deliver just that to the public. Opening first as a burger shop only open 1-day a week the shop became insta-famous instantly. With a cult-following selling out stock on a weekly basis the guys really struck gold with the concept and moved up to opening  and running a full-blown burger spot with a dining section (family section included).

Making our way there you can pick up that this place is doing well, with a constant line-up and dining wait times, people are eager to take a bite out of what they’re selling. I must mention that the place is quite small with limited seating but it will do. Now to the food that has driven the people crazy, I am divided on what I thought of the burger experience. Ordering both their classic burger and chicken burger with a side of fries and Section-B fries (take on cheese fries) we thought we would really give everything a shot. Not to mention that the extra burger toppings are interesting including fried egg and caramelized  onions. I can’t put my finger on it, or rather my taste bud on it but I must say that the seasoning used in both burger and chicken burger is a bit overwhelming. Definitely tasty but can get much, making it hard to devour the entire burger. The regular fries were absolutely delicious, perfectly fried and seasoned. The Section-B fries not so much, they just didn’t work for us and the combination was not appetizing at all.

I must mention that the menu is limited and so are the options, the buns are whole wheat which tend to play a big part in the overwhelming taste of the burgers also the “special” sauce taste a combination of subway’s chipotle sauce and cocktail sauce so I do advise ordering it on the side to see if you like it first. Overall, I think the concept and the popularity is well deserved but will only improve with time.

Quick mention, the service is amazing. The waiter was so attentive and polite I was a bit shocked that it was this good at a burger shop. Such a pleasure.


section-b -burger

section-b -burger

section-b -burger

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