Posted on March 20, 2017

Pregnant in Saudi Arabia

Talks out that you are pregnant may it be a surprise or something you having been anticipating for a while opens up a brand new world of all things pregnancy related. This post is to address the most basic and early things many of us encounter when we find out we’re pregnant while living in Saudi Arabia.

For starters making sure you are actually pregnant is the first stepping stone and how far along you are is a good indicator of what steps need to be taken next.

Pregnancy Test: Peeing on a stick is the most convenient of ways to ensure your pregnant and that can easily be done by buying an over the counter pregnancy test at any pharmacy in region. There are several kinds, ranging from your cheap standard pee sticks to more advanced pregnancy stage indicator stacks. Regardless, they are all relatively cheap and easily accessible.

Blood Test: For a more accurate and foolproof indicator of being pregnant than taking a blood test is your sure bet. These are also very easy and affordable. If you are insured than any of the clinics that are covered will have you in out in a matter of minutes. For those of you who are not insured then a visit to a nearby clinic and a nominal fee of around SAR will suffice to get a pregnancy test done. It too takes minutes and you should be certain of your pregnancy in sure time.

OB/GYN: Finding a doctor in Saudi Arabia to take on your pregnancy and monitor it for the entirety is a little puzzling. For instance there is no directory of where they can be found and for many expats the insurance factor plays a big role in where we are able to find a ob/gyn. Also, if you are not insured then the price tag for many ob/gyn appointments are a bit overwhelming. Let alone the costs of them delivering your baby or if needed possible c-sections only come with bigger bills. * A separate post will follow about a few ob/gyn referrals and expectations***

Midwive/Doula: Some of you will be well aware of these types of pregnancy and birthing interventions but here in Saudi Arabia they are not common at all. In fact they are not permitted to assist in birthing at any hospital in the region. If you find someone to monitor your pregnancy in a more nature/holistic way then please make sure you make that appropriate arrangements at a hospital for the birth. Possibly making some type of agreement with a doctor to only perform the birth with minimal pregnancy intervention.

These are the initial stages of pregnancy, with time you will learn and find out so many  new things about being pregnant in Saudi Arabia. For some of you it will be very much enjoyable while for others absolutely horrific. Which ever one it is , if you suspect you’re pregnant while here do what is best for the baby at first while you navigate the rest of this wild ride called pregnancy.


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