Posted on October 29, 2015




I’m no fan of audiobooks, the idea of someone reading to me just doesn’t quite feel right. But someone entertaining me via audio is something completely different. Think a sitcom or drama which instead of watching TV you’re rather listening too. It is honestly my new obsession, podcasts are amazing. Some are formatted as radio shows discussing relevant topics or specific subject matters. Some podcasts are interviews between well-known individuals in certain industries while others take-on real life crimes and investigations and mind map the entire scenario for you. I am completely transfixed by this medium of entertainment, it is literally becoming my favorite past time.

I’ve bookmarked getting around to the cult-following podcast “SERIAL” for years really. It is the most viewed podcast ever, which chronicles the real life scenario of a Pakastani american born teenager convicted of murdering his Korean ex-girlfriend. The entire situation is gut wrenching, with holes in the investigation, huge mistakes in the defense and most likely falsifying evidence that have lead to the life-sentence that the boy now faces in a maximum prison.

I can’t get over how good this podcast is the narrator is amazing, the content is engaging and captivating so much that I am now listening to the follow-up podcast “UNDISCLOSED” that goes further into the investigation. With a more technical and strategic look at the case and the evidence.

These are just a few of the ones that have got me hooked , others on my list to watch include “THIS AMERICAN LIFE”, “EAR BISCUITS”, “YOU MADE IT WEIRD” , “THE READ”

If you are a podcast fan please share what you’ve been listening too…



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