Posted on March 12, 2017

Maison de Zaid



Just look at those pancakes, seriously could you really resist. As you may already know I am a frequent FOURSQUARE user, I can be on it for hours searching, reading and exploring all the restaurants in my neighborhood, city and even sometimes country, I can tell you that 9 out 10 times I would have checked the reviews on FOURSQUARE before deciding to eat at a restaurant or not. Anyhow, once I returned to Jeddah the first thing I looked up what breakfast spots (it’s a Friday tradition) and of course these delectable mini pancakes popped out at me. That is what lead us to Maison de Zaid this past Friday. The moment we got there it was pretty tricky to find, but once we did we knew we were in for a treat. The decor of the place is beautiful, the lighting and seating warm up the place nicely. You first encounter a Gelateria, which is basically a gelato shop.  A dozen or few freshly made gelato nicely arranged for your picking. Make your way to the dimly lit dining hall with comfy leather armchairs and wooden tables. If you get a chance as to be seated in the sun room portion that is enclosed in floor to ceiling windows,

On to the food I was delighted. Options of your western staples like omelettes, eggs Benedict, avocado toast were all available. But a nice change was the Arabic breakfast platter served traditional staples of foul, falafel, shakshuka and cheese. The tea/coffee menu were well  thought out and your choices were plenty. The beverages were served quickly, which was a nice touch especially on a Friday morning. The food quickly followed, plated beautifully. I must say the food was delicious, everything tasted fresh and was served warm. The restaurants specialty mini pancakes were a crowd pleaser. Four mini stacks topped differently served with 3 different sauces; chocolate, maple syrup and honey. But I must say the surprising favorite was the pistachio topped pancakes. Absolutely divine, we will definitely be coming back for a full size order of those. Overall this place is a fantastic breakfast spot and I am glad to be adding it to our list of favorites.

maisondezaid-jeddahmaisondezaid-jeddah maisondezaid-jeddah maisondezaid-jeddah
maisondezaid-jeddahmaisondezaid-jeddah maisondezaid-jeddah

maisondezaid-jeddah maisondezaid-jeddah maisondezaid-jeddah






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