Posted on October 9, 2015




The fear that mildly lingers over the heads of all the expats in Saudi Arabia. You see Saudi Arabia is like no other country when it comes to their working expat population. Their rules so harsh and limiting that many expats endure harsh work environments all because they can’t bear the thought of losing their jobs.

Why is it so dreadful to lose your job in Saudi Arabia? Is mainly because your job is really the only reason why you are allowed in the country. That being said if you lose your job you are no longer welcomed in the country and for some this is unthinkable.

For some losing their job would just mean returning to their native homes, where they have a home and comfortable life. For others it is not that comfortable; you see some people have commitments that they have developed in Saudi Arabia that are far more substantial than a mere job.

You will quickly realize that there are many expats that have been in Saudi Arabia for a very lengthy time (20+yrs). Those that have married, had children, made homes and invested all their money within the kingdom. For these people the idea of being kicked out is unimaginable.

This post is just a reminder to others may it be colleagues at work, managers, supervisors, directors etc. That the decision to employ and dismiss is not as easy as a signature on a dotted line. Think it over.

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