Posted on October 15, 2015




Washing with a cloth is normal practice and should be if you don’t get on it. It’s the best way to cleanse your skin and it really does the job. Of course trying this cleanser was a no brainer, and happily done. The cleanser is really mild and gentle on the skin, leaving you with a brighter, clear complexion without any irritation.

The product comes with two wash cloths for exfoliation.The process of hot cloth cleansing is basically applying the cleanser to the face and massaging it in. Really work it into the skin and neck, massaging in circular motion. Place the cloth into hot water (not burning) and sqeeze the water out. With the warm damp cloth exfoliate the skin by wiping away the cleaners in a scrubbing action. Make sure to use different sections of the cloth so it’s always clean when applied to the face. Once done it’s recommended to rinse face with cold water and pat dry to finish.

I loved everything about this product, even thou gentle it worked amazing after having make-up on the whole day so I was completely impressed.The price is very reasonable and worth every penny.

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