Posted on October 14, 2015



via limecrime

Is there anything better than a good matte lipstick? I think not. The fairly new makeup brand Lime Crime seem to have created one of the best matte lipsticks on the market. Velvetines, their range of 18 color matte lipsticks are incredible. The range of colours is just so innovative and fresh, with select bright daring colours, take a look at pink velvet. Not to mention perfect subtle nudes, don’t miss out on riot.  The lipsticks apply wet like a gloss but dry matte and their staying power is budge-proof. What I love the most is that the colours are to true to their shade , so they apply the same way they look in their packaging.

The price of them are great and their seems to be a very high demand for them as the most popular colours are often sold out. What is even better for us here in Saudi Arabia, is that they deliver internationally!

My select favorites and the ones I have last ordered are all from the Velvetines line include Red Velvet, Salem, Wicked, Riot, Shroom.  A few that I have added to my next order will include Jinx, Pumpkin, Cashmere, Utopia and Bleached. 


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