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Well, technically her coveted beauty line arrives this month to Sephora stores in Saudi Arabia. If you are not familiar with the popular tattoo artist, she is a very popular American tattoo artist known for her intricate and beautiful tattoo designs. What is more compelling is that the beautiful Kat Von D is what to be  expected of  a tattoo artist and is completely covered in tattoos, so her mission was to make a line of products that would cover even the most heaviest tattoos. She was determined to ensure that woman has a choice to cover whatever they choose whenever they choose in the most beautiful method possible. Voila, the Kat Von D makeup range was created. 

I’ve been a fan of her make-up for years so I was delighted to hear that they will be stocked in Sephora across Saudi Arabia.If you have any severe blemishes, discolouration, “tattoos”, acne or scarring then this is the line of makeup you want to try. The foundations and powders are heavy coverage and so are the concealers. The concealers will definitely cover dark circles and us suffering from “racoon eyes”. Her lip range is amazing, the lipsticks range in every imaginable colour and the most popular product the liquid lipstick is swoon worthy.

The price range is definitely something to be happy about!It is a lot less than expected and I’ve listed some of the prices below:

Lock-It Foundation: SAR 175

Lock-It Powder Foundation: SAR 165 (totally worth it) 

Lock-It Concealer: SAR 100 (amazing deal!)  

Shade + Light Contour Palette: SAR 220

Shade+ Light Contour Face Brush: SAR 150

Lock-It Featherweight Primer: SAR 160

Studded Kiss Lipstick: SAR 110

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick: SAR 100 (amazing deal! )




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  • Anonymous May 18, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    Hello.. Really liked your post.. atleast i got to know the prices.. other websites dont put prices of products available in KSA.

    Also can you please tell me the price of a beauty blender in ksa?

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