Posted on February 11, 2013


1. Sightsee: If possible, be sure to stop roadside and view the breathtaking cliffs. It is also probably the best background scenery to take pictures. The view from different  levels up the mountain gives your viewing a different perspective. All the while still encompassing enormous panoramic view of the landscape.

2. Feed Monkeys/Baboons: I am certain these creatures that you are sure to come across on your visit are baboons and not monkeys that so many people refer to them as. They live within the mountain terrain and have become accustomed to the pesky visitors (us),  who take pictures and tend to feed them whatever we have in our cars. If you are an animal lover this will be a treat, as they are very comfortable with humans and will happily come directly to you to take what your giving. You can find them both on your way to Ta’if (along the highway) or up the mountain approaching the city of Ta’if. You are bound to see several cars parked and people engaging them, so that will be an indicator
of where they are!
3.Telefrak/ Cable car & Amusement Parks : If you have a sense of adventure then the cable car is just for you! You can board the cable car at the height of the mountain, within the city (close to Ramada Hotel) and take a trip down the mountain and back up. Most likely the best way to view the amazing landscape but it is definitely not for the light- hearted. If the cable car is too risky for you, then challenge your inner kid in the over a dozen amusement parks found in the city.
4.Fruit Market: Either on your way in or out make sure to visit the fresh fruit stalls. You can get everything from bananas to pomegranates there and a really good price.  Good idea if you’re planning to stay awhile in Ta’if to pick up a bunch of tasty treats to snack on while on your visit. And/or to pick up some goodies after a fantastic day trip to Ta’if to take home!
5.Flower Power: Many people don’t know but Ta’if is well known for its flowers. They are considered the flower breeders of Saudi, so to say. If you have a green thumb this is a great place to pick up flower beds to plant at home. If you are like me and have no interest in gardening but love flower scentsare sure to pick up flower scented perfume. Close to the fruit market are a couple of perfumeries where you can find vials of flower scented oils and a selection of perfumes!
 Enjoy xx

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