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Here are my top things to do in Medina

1.Pray & Visit: Masjid al-Nabawi also known, as the Prophet’s Mosque is most likely the prime reason for travelling to Medina. The mosque is built beautifully and is the resting place of the  Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and is grave is open to visitation. The site is the second
holiest place in Islam and second largest mosque in the world. Despite all of
its marvels the architecture alone will have you blown away. It is simply

2.Visit the “7 Mosques”: In actuality its actually 6 mosques, don’t know why its referred to as 7 but never mind that and go see them. If you haven’t visited by car then don’t worry most taxi drivers and private car hires are familiar with the tour as it is very popular amongst pilgrims year round.
3.Climb Mount Uhud: It looks more like a large hill, probably after years of erosion. It holds historical value, as it was the site of a religious battle hundreds of years ago. The cool part about it is you can actually climb it, but what’s even better is that dozens of people are climbing with you and standing at the top. It’s amazing from the top looking down and just as good from the bottom looking up. Quite the sight to see.
4.Go to the Park: I am so upset that I have barely any details on this park other than
its magnificent. I do know that it is located close to a very big mall, somewhere behind the mall a mere minutes away. The park is security-gated to ensure only families enter and the park has paved route through the whole area. By the way its massive, by far the largest park I’ve been to in KSA and by far my favorite.There are play areas for children and shaded areas for sitting. There is also parking slots, so you can park close by to where you decide to settle. I have to mention again how large this park is, it is so big that no matter where we were we seemed completely isolated even thou there were plenty of families there that day.
5.Coffee & People Watch: If you have been to Masjid al-Nabawi (#1) before you will know that the outside perimeters of the mosque are huge and span completely around the mosque. It is tiled and kept pristine, so it more than fine to sit on. I think my best pastime while in Medina is getting a coffee/latte (Starbucks close by) finding the perfect spot and sit and watch. It’s definitely the best place to people watch, seeing families, single people from all walks of life and cultures. Its divine seeing people so relaxed, unburden and in a state of humble. If you can, please do!

Enjoy! xx


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