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So I thought I would share my top things to do while visiting Mecca/ Makkah. Enjoy!

1. Pray: For Muslims, there is no other place that spiritually enlightens then the holy city of Mecca. Performing Umrah/Hajj if you are so fortunate, is life changing at the least. Even a day visit and performing sunnah and daily prayers in the Harem can not get any better. I love sitting along the stairs across from the Harem and literally just staring…taking its (Kabbah) beauty in. It’s hard to put in words the immense feeling and perspective you feel when doing it. For me nothing gets better than this.

2. Ajwa dates: I will only eat Ajwa dates, and no other kind! I’m not the biggest fan of dates, until I tasted Ajwa dates. Ajwa dates are grown region specific and aren’t found anywhere else in the world. Their exclusivity alone makes them noteworthy, and a definite must try. You can find them in markets all over the KSA, but getting them in Makkah makes them taste better.  (They are exclusive to Medina, only place they will grow)
 3. Jabal al-Nour “Mountain of Light”: While on this spiritual trip,
be sure to include a visit to the “Mountain of Light”. It has been said that
Prophet Mohamed’s’  (PBUH) first revelation was received within this mountain “Hira Cave”. It’s an added bonus to enrich your Islamic knowledge, and the view is quite breathtaking.
4. Old Makkah: If you are anywhere on the outside perimeters of the harem and look up you will most likely see the hills of old buildings. Take a car ride through the hills of neighborhoods that have been unchanged for centuries. The architecture and simplicity of the buildings give a sense of simpler, humbler times and is both beautiful and very moving.
#old mecca
5. Souvenirs: I think the most requested thing from my Muslim friends and family at home was to bring back something from Makkah. I know many of you are thinking, you can just buy it for far cheaper in Jeddah’s Balad district; that is often associated with foreign Umrah/ Hajj visitors as a shopping haven.  Personally I feel like it isn’t authentic and saving a few riyals doesn’t compare to fulfilling their very heart felt request. So, Makkah is where I stock up on prayer mats, prayer beads, Zam Zam water, replica Kabba figurines and of course, Adjwa dates.
Enjoy xx



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