Posted on July 23, 2013


Detroit, Michigan is not somewhere you would probably place on your top 10 destinations to visit but nonetheless it definitely is a must see. With my older sister currently living in Windsor, Ontario that means Detroit is just a few mins away. The long drive to Windsor , Ontario from Ottawa (my hometown) was a lengthy 10-hours but was definitely worth it once we got to D-town.
There is so much to see and do but I have summed it down to my usual 5 Things, hope you enjoy!
1. Renaissance Centre (GM Towers)- A cluster of 5 skyscrapers are the highlight of the Detroit skyline and are home to General Motors World HeadQuarters. The towers include a hotel, restaurants, a General Motors showroom, banks and business and the largest rooftop restaurant. You can see them from miles away and make sure to get a glimpse of them during the day and again at night to see them illuminated with colourful lights.
2. GreekTown: Don’t be mislead by the name but downtown Detroit is coined GreekTown largely based to the Casino with the same name found there. Yes, you will find a handful of good greek eateries but there is much more. The nightlife is bustling with all kinds of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Also where you can find the cities gem by far the best pastry shop ASTORIA, so good we
went twice.

3. Shopping: I must say this was one of the main reasons why I as so tempted to cross the border. With an abundance of shops, a must visit are outlet stores. Great Lakes Crossing Outlets will make you regret  buying anything retail again. The massive mall ha endless shops including big names like Michael Kors , Banana Republic, RL, Kate Spade , Coach, BCBG, and many others. I did a lot of shopping here and was every bit happy I did.
4. History Tour– Luckily we had a Detroit native with us to give us the royal tour of Detroit’s historical footprints. It was such a pleasure getting to see the large part Detroit played in both the history of America and specifically African American History. We also stopped by the cities landmarks to get a better idea of what Detroit is all about.
5. Eat- One thing you mud know is that it is relatively cheap to eat good in D-Town and we sure did. The highlight of dining was having BBQ which is a local favourite from a famous eatery found in Detroit. The place was so famous that it was on TV! Being my first time having slow cooked BBQ must say that it is delicious and make sure to go on an empty stomach because the serving is massive.
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