Posted on March 7, 2017

Italian Touch Cafe (it.)



One of the newer places to eat here in Jeddah has become the cafe/eatery type restaurants. Basically very cutely decorated dining atmospheres that serve up all the things a cafe would have, so extensive coffee and tea menus, as well as huge glass cases filled with delectable pastries and desserts. They  often have a good sized  breakfast/lunch menu  that can be easily eaten throughout the day; an assortment of soups, sandwiches, salads etc.

One such cafe is the Italian Touch Cafe also known as it. The cafe is beautifully decorated with a very Italian feel, small intimate seating arrangements with an open bakery type atmosphere. Having gone with my friends in the late afternoon, we were all pleasantly surprised at how busy it was for the time of day. However we tucked into a corner and browsed the short but assorted menu. Having chosen a grilled chicken panini and cappuccino, while the girls opted for more indulgent desserts; cake and creme brule. We chatted over our coffee and hot chocolate while we waited. The wait was surprisingly long considering most of the order was premade. Anyhow, after we were served we quickly realized that we would have rather waited. Yup, it was pretty bad.

For starter the chicken sandwhich which was meant to be grilled was served literally freezing cold (like out of the fridge), the creme brulee was hard more cake than pudding and the nutella cake was overly sweet. The drinks were delicious, the coffee was served hot (yay!) and the hot chocolate was quoted as one of the best in Jeddah.

Maybe we expected too much from a cafe, but if you’re looking for a coffee spot then this is a nice escape. Just make sure to get lunch beforehand!

italian-touch-cafe-jeddah italian-touch-cafe-jeddah italian-touch-cafe-jeddahitalian-touch-cafe-jeddah


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