Posted on February 12, 2013

SEX AND BEYOND: Dr. Abdul AL-Lily.

Hey guys,
I was shocked when surfing the blogosphere and found this remarkable blog about the sexual culture of Saudi’s and couldn’t believe what I was reading. Not because sexual education is shocking to me but
rather that living in the Kingdom it is probably the most taboo issue to talk about. Not only was this blog brilliantly written it was written by a Saudi; first hand account of the culture. Turns out to be very refreshing, reading about issues most expats are often bewildered about. I kept the blog bookmarked
in my favorites’ folder and passed it on to all my expat girlfriends who, just like I were flabbergasted at what they found out. Please note I kept this very secret, never read it at work and only spoke about it to my expat friends and never local friends in fear of being somewhat ostracized.

Why, am I now so glad and even devoted to meeting the genius behind the blog, Dr. Abdul Al-Lily? Firstly after reading two very informative interviews on one of my favorite blogs AmericanBedu and one on DesertMoon, I have become even a bigger fan. Each interview includes a picture, of Dr.Abdul and I must say he is very easy on the eyes. But in all seriousness, I am so thrilled that the face behind the blog has been revealed and shown gratitude for his impact on the field of sex education, which is very lacking here.
Questions I would have wished they asked; Why did he choose to use such controversial imagery for each blog spot? Could it perhaps interfere with the message because some may take offence to it? Why does he think that the Saudi nation is so obsessed with sexual segregation? At times to limits that exceed what Islam mandates? Are any of the blog posts reflective of  his own sexual experiences, or is that off limits?
Enjoy xx


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