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” This is a lifestyle platform that focuses on the experiences of expats. My hopes are to ease the transition for others like myself, through helpful tips, reviews and exploration. We believe no matter where you are in life you should try to live it to a certain level of  happiness and fulfillment  So that is what I am trying to inspire through life lessons, travel, beauty, fashion and more. Making everyday life a bit happier is the goal. “

This platform originated as a blog written by a Canadian expat living in Saudi Arabia. After years  of success on the blog it has grown into something much larger than it was and hopes to continue to grow.It aims to be a young modern lifestyle platform for those living in the Middle East. We hope to inspire readers to make the most out of their lives while living in the Middle East by enjoying what the region has to offer.

We hope to blur the line between “Foreigner” and “Arab” so both can gain insight, entertainment, and education from each other. A lot of what is “happening” in this region is masked to the average foreigner and this blog intends to uncover what we have all been missing.

The site is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and focuses on the day-to-day routine of residents in the Kingdom. Neighbouring Arab regions will also explored.



It is wise to keep in mind that all information on this site are for informational purposes only. They do not represent any ones interests other than my own. The shared content is solely my opinion and if you choose to agree,disagree or challenge it,  feel free.
I promise to always disclose details of sponsors, advertisements and commercials whenever they appear in the blog. I will never falsely advocate a product for commercial gain.

**Please respect the site and material found here by asking for permission to use it elsewhere.



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