Posted on April 6, 2013

Margherita Restaurant

OMG. I love this restaurant. Everything about this restaurant screams Italian eatery and it’s a must visit to anyone who appreciates that taste. I am bias, due to birth right. Yes, I am Italian but only by birth; Rome to be exact. This may be to blame for my love all things Italian, especially their food!
I am more of a gourmet pizza lover than that of pasta , but after visiting Margherita Restaurant in Jeddah I pretty much ate everything. Pasta, Pizza, Salad, were all to die for. The food was full of flavour, served fresh and warm, the atmosphere was lively and engaging and the service impeccable.
Location: Jeddah ( The Courtyard, Rawdah St. Tel: 02 6061100 ) 
Here are some pics of the wonders we feasted on …

If you get the chance to visit this restaurant in Jeddah, please do!
Enjoy! xx
Gina Saeed



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