Posted on April 13, 2013

Goodies Restaurant

If you are on the healthy band wagon ( I’d like to think I am ) then this restaurant is sure fit. If you value fresh, nutritious, tasteful food than Goodies Restaurant is the place to go. The open concept restaurant that serves both as a restaurant and a food market, allows for the customer to opt out of the dining experience and cook at home. If I were you, I would definitely give the dining experience a try, after choosing from a selection of salads, meat dishes (bbq, shish kebab etc) stir fry, fish, pastas and desserts  ; your meal is prepared freshly and served while you await snacking on pita bread and dips.  The service is spectacular with knowledgeable food clerks, attentive wait staff and reasonable prices there are no complaints.
If you are looking for a quick delicious meal then this is the place to go. Also, if you are hosting a larger party you may want to give this place a try with such reasonable prices, generous portion sizes and a large array of options it is a sure winner amongst people.
Location: Jeddah (Coral Mall, Tahlia Street  Tel: Tel: 02 2847333  )


Enjoy x
Like always, please feel free to suggest where your favorite places to eat in Jeddah & Riyadh!


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