Posted on April 16, 2013

Durrat China Restaurant


My first experience with Chinese dining in the KSA came in the form of a visit to the popular restaurant Durrat China. The restaurant is nestled between a hub of cafes and eateries but the restaurant’s decor is a sure stand out. The opulent red and gold decor is nothing compared to the massive chandeliers lining the ceiling walls. The restaurants family section is splendid, the enclosed dining spaces are large and spacious consisting of large round tables surrounded by seating booths and chairs. Very comfy and would be a lovely dining experience for a large party.

The coolest mention has to be the table in each dining setting that is a topped with a glass spinning disk that allows for the passing of dishes amongst the table by a quick swipe of the hand.

The food was great, the atmosphere amazing and the wait staff were helpful and attentive.

Location: Jeddah (Arafat Street, Al-Hamra Tel: 02 2833331)











Do you have any Chinese restaurant recommendations in either Jeddah and/or Riyadh?

Let me know! Take care xx

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