Posted on January 18, 2016




I enjoy a good cup of tea and when coupled with the dream thin thighs can you really resist. If you been on Instagram then you know that teatox is the latest cult obsession with millions of followers praising the tea for their slim bodies. Endless pics of six abs, bikini pics and toned bottoms all praising the drink that made them look so fab. Detox tea is known to release bodies of bloating and help shed weight stuck on by toxins. By flushing the body and getting rid of all the “bad stuff” after a detox teatox you should feel lighter, and slender.

Do I believe into the hype? Nope. The teas are marketed as the new and fabulous way of shedding weight with little to no effort. Most of the teatoxes ask customers to follow a strict nutritious meal plan to get optimal results. So what exactly is a teatox? Basically you drink a cup of the tea everyday, while adding an additional cup on alternating days. The tea is basically a laxative regime, whereby you are cleansing your body. Is it bad? Don’t think so.

Considering the teas  are natural and make-up what is considered to be a mix of green tea, peppermint tea and senna tea (laxative tea), why not give it a try? And, folks that is exactly what we are gonna do for you. Reviewing BOOTEA TEATOX for an honest and more complete review.

Starting the 28 day teatox, we will report back in 27 days to let you know how it went down.


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  • Habiba Ahmed December 9, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    How did it go ??? Please let me know

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