Posted on October 29, 2015




  1. I may be the reason why Adele’s hit new release “HELLO” has broken all previous records of most viewed music video ever. Going on the millionth replay……
  2. Can you make women feel any more happy to be themselves, can’t wait to get my hands on the LOVEXSTYLEXLIFE book by the infamous blogger/illustrator Garance Dore.
  3.  If you don’t know who James Corden is then you are missing out on a lot of joy, Stevie Wonder mocking you… really! Carpool Karaoke is just genius..
  4. I have been stuck to my ipad ever since I first listened to the podcast and know I am totally engulfed …….|Serial is the world’s most viewed podcast and I know exactly why. 
  5. Between dieting and baking I think I have found the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies… they kind of taste like the ikea cookies if you know what I meanå.

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