Posted on October 6, 2015




Probably the best budget beauty buy I have tried in a long-time. I highly recommend this product.  FIRST AID BEAUTY  is a fairly new skincare brand but they are so good. Affordable high quality skincare that actually works. This is the only product I have tried but I am in love.

Facial Radiance Pads are just fabulous. They are like the grown-up version of the oxy pads. they are the perfect end to a got cleanse, to get rid of any extras. Cause they have all these good things in them it’s kind of  a mini peel. Literally, wipes off any extra dead skin that may be hanging around.

One pack has around 60 pads in them, so I am now on my 2nd pack which lasts around 2 months if you are using them daily.


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