Posted on July 18, 2014

FEATURE| Rejoicing Ramadan at Al Balad Jeddah Festival


Al-Balad (Old Jeddah) is one of my favourite places to visit in Jeddah for many reasons but mostly because I love admiring the old buildings. With the new restorations in full effect and large parts of Old Jeddah being wiped away its nice to see people celebrating its worth. With
month long festivities taking place during the entire month of Ramadan. Starting shortly after iftar every day, people flock the festival, which is right in the centre of Al-Balad district, and the place is jam packed till after suhoor (4 am).

The festival is well organized and mapped out (maps handed out) totally enclosing it from roadways and nearby traffic making it a pleasure to stroll through. The festival is made up of traditional stalls offering customary foods, drinks and sweets a plenty. With endless stall of
vendors selling everything from gourmet goods to kids toys.
The highlight of the festival has to be the photograph exhibit which is a must see by popular and upcoming photographers of the region. Photos depicting the old, new, daily lives of those living in the district. It’s quite the sight to see (I promise).

If you are in Jeddah then I advise you to go, it absolutely free and a wonderful activity for the whole family. I do advise you to get there early like right after iftar (better yet have iftar there) just so you can beat the crowds. Also, if you’re driving then I advise you to park couple blocks ahead of the area and walk to the festival grounds (parking is a hassle).


















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