Posted on January 26, 2015


So much can be seen and done on a visit to the historic district “AL BALAD” in Jeddah. The oldest part of the city with infrastructure dating back to the time of the tribes, well before Jeddah was even considered a city. With landmarks like “Bait Nassef” and narrow alleyways leading the path the area is rich in culture and heritage. Now commonly regarded to as the parts of the area that are mainly commercial, AL BALAD is your one-stop shop. Finding everything you need at discount prices.
But, the highlight of AL BALAD this past week was the ongoing festival taking place. The festival that coincides with the annual semester school break was weeklong and entertained the entire family. I’ve written previously of a similar festival that took place during Ramadan. This festival was a bit more specifically focused on historic marriage rituals and art, it was delightful to see what they had to offer.
Food options were available at every corner of the way, children’s shows were presented nightly and alleys were dedicated to artists showing off their talents. It was very impressive to see the artists actually practice their art while passerby’s watched some of them paint, draw, calligraphy, and take photos. Every artist had their work on display for purchase some artists even going as far as personalizing pieces of art for customers to take home with them (we took a little home too).
It was so nice to be able to experience and discover so much talent, and it really gives you a better understanding of the hard to navigate closed society faced daily. I loved every bit of it. Keep in mind similar festivals often take place here during school breaks and of course RAMADAN.











*It’s sad to note that with the sudden passing of KING ABDULLAH the festival was of course ended.

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