Posted on June 1, 2014


We all want ice cream. Yes, you, me and everyone else I know who has a thing for ice cream.  In Saudi Arabia’s sweltering heat 2 scoops of ice-cold deliciousness always seem to be the answer. I personally hate soft-serve ice cream and prefer the hard stuff, topped with nuts and all the fix-ins. So you have to understand my joy when I found myself roaming the desert streets of Saudi only to find that the shiny blue and pink signs was all too familiar. “31 flavours  all the way in Saudi Arabia was only to good to believe and to make matters even better they seem to be obsessed here. You can find Baskin-Robbin shops all over the city and within most  shopping centres.
You may be pleasantly surprised to find that in accordance with Saudi Arabia’s overly  indulgent lifestyle, Baskin-Robbins has catered to the public’s desires. On the menu you will find over-the-top ice-cream sundae creations, and cakes.
Take a look at what they have to offer: MENU ATTACHED!



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