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It never crossed my mind to talk about SADAD cause I figured everyone already knew what it was? Big mistake! I once too was baffled by the term, so commonly used online during purchases. So let me breakdown one of the biggest and most used online banking services found in Saudi Arabia.


What is SADAD?

It is an online platform that connects consumers to several banks using a single service. Basically its the service used for people to make payments to over a 1000 retailers/ providers by simply using their ATM machines or e-banking.

Who uses it?

Here in Saudi Arabia, everybody. It is the most common way to make a payment to your utilities companies, telephone  providers, paying for airline bookings and others.

How do you use it?

It is very simple. Most retailers that accept SADAD will direct you to the process during the final stages of purchase online. The part where you would choose MASTERCARD or VISA will have a SADAD option as well.

By simply clicking on SADAD you will be asked to make your payment using the biller code (3 digits) and account/receipt number (8-10 digits,may be longer).  You will in some cases be given a time deadline in which payment must be made. Take that information to your respective ATM bank machine  , where you will find instructions to follow the SADAD process.

AT YOUR BANK ATM(automatic teller machine)

Proceed as usual with your choice of language and then your pin number. Once the options screen appears choose SADAD.

Here, you will be asked for both (biller code) & (account number), it should automatically ask you to confirm payment of predetermined cost. Simply agree if correct and it will be directly debited from your account. For bills and such you may be asked to input the amount you chose to pay at that given time.

It is very simple, and is such a benefit for people who don’t like sharing their banking details on-line. As well as if you don’t have a credit card you can still benefit from making purchase on-line.

*Keep in mind that SADAD services are limited to companies/bank in this region.

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