Posted on July 8, 2014

Ramadan Rules in Saudi Arabia


For starters, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and blessed holy month this Ramadan. Ramadan is by far my favorite time of year because it leads to my favourite day of the year EID (inner child glee).

But for those of us spending our Ramadan here in the Kingdom I thought I should go over a few keep in mind rules to get you through the month. This applies to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
  1. You are now nocturnal. Sleep in the day and be awake in the night. For those of us who aren’t forced to be awake during the sweltering day hours you’re better off in bed. Malls, shops and restaurants are mostly closed changing their operating hours to either an
    hour before Maghreb (sunset) or shortly after it.
  2. Fasting until proven guilty. It does not matter for any reason your excuse for not partaking in the religiousfast (non-Muslim, menstruating women, sick, elderly) it’s forbidden to be
    caught engaging in food/drink intake in public during those hours. So fill up at home and then venture out.
  3. Onset of Road Rage. It is a well-known saying that an hour before the time to break fast that all the drivers go crazy. It is known as the hour of insanity. At this time you will find lunatics behind the wheel dreaming of their meals to be. You don’t want to be in the way
    of a man and his meal (I kid you not). Stay safe and avoid the hour of crazy if you can.
  4. Modesty is a Must. If you’ve never been harassed by the Mutawaa (religious police) here in Saudi Arabia before, you have a good chance of getting your try during Ramadan. They seem to be on high alert and any forms of immodest behavior will not be tolerated.
    Fellas keep the shorts long enough and ladies don’t forget your tarha (head shawl) at home.
  5. Giving, Gifting and Forgiving. In true Ramadan tradition acts of kindness are sure to be displayed across the country from a simple passing of dates and water at intersections to generous charity donations and volunteering.Take part if you can these acts will work in your favor despite what your beliefs.


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