Posted on May 27, 2014

Long-Distance Relationships (Family & Friends)


For many expat may you be relocating with your family or alone will suffer from the heart -ache of distance. Leaving anybody loved behind is an awful feeling and it seems to get worse the further you’re away. The illusion of a long-distance relationship may seem romantic “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” But the reality of it is that it’s absolutely horrible.

At the beginning you will be hooked to SKYPE, addicted to any form of messenger or social media outlet available. You will have instantly downloaded any recommended free long distance phone app and your emails will be lengthy and timely. Let me mention that you will be shattered
and sleep deprived caused by endlessly chasing time zones to reach people at appropriate times.

Then time sets in and the distance becomes more bearable and being so far away is no longer painful but comfortable. The phone calls home will be sporadic, the emails further apart and the video calls will be replaced with quick text messages to check up on each other.
I have compiled a list of quick ways to make sure you don’t fall in a rut where your friends think you’ve died and your family is filing missing persons reports!
1. Update your social media regularly: Facebook,Instagram, Twitter are great ways to keep connected with family in friends without even trying. Try to update your account regularly with normal things such as “your not feeling well, a pic of where you maybe, trips, etc. ” That way family can just log on and get a sense of what you’re up too, without disrupting anything.
2. Chain Mail: Create a mailing group of friends and family, sending little updates or photos via email to everyone at one time that way you its easy and quick. You can even set a remainder in your email account calendar (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
3.Blog: Tell your story publicly, that way friends and family can read at their ease. Also, this way you can tell the story once and save the hassle of saying it over and over again.
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