Posted on February 9, 2014


It’s the ongoing joke between my sisters and friends that I live under a rock and have no idea what’s going on. Any time I mention a new show, or movie they gasp, “You’ve heard of it”? As if I have lost all connection to the outside world. Truth be told being in Saudi has made me a TV/movie junkie so much so that I countdown for new releases and season premieres. The cable/satellite programming in Saudi Arabia in my opinion is complete rubbish and watching TV here is a total waste of time.
So how do I keep up with Hollywood from this sandbox I live in? The answer is easy: Internet. The best innovation of our century; the beloved Internet and notably my best friend at times.  So here is how to use the Internet to get all your viewing needs.


1. YouTube:
The best way to keep up with all things entertainment and news is on YouTube. Most popular shows (talk shows, news,) will have a YouTube channel streaming highlights from their shows. Some go asfar as showing entire episodes.  My favorite YouTube channels include:
TYT, Wendy Williams Show,  David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, iamOTHER, Breakfast Club and many many more.
The added benefit it that many new viral shows are only streamed on YouTube, so there is a treasure chest full of programming that is waiting to be watched.
2. PrimeWire:
This website is the Holy Grail or new release movies and TV series. It allows for free streaming so you don’t have to download loads. Just pick, watch and exit. The best thing is not only can you find Blockbuster hits but classics as well. Don’t forget indie movies and documentaries all of which can be found here as well. Absolutely love this site.
3. BTV guide: I recommend this for TV junkies. It is particularly good at listing the most watched, most popular, latest, and upcoming TV episodes. All shows are easy to navigate and they will list descriptions to the entire episode to keep you on track with your viewing.
4. Vimeo:
This one is not so much Hollywood as it is indie. This is for indie, filmmaker, and artsy film type lovers. Watch amazing videos of weddings, and personal moments as well as pilot episodes to web series. What I like about it so much is that the quality of the videos is so impressive, literally breathtaking films are uploaded for your viewing.
Watch here: vimeo
P.S- Make sure to let me know your favorite viewing sites! I would really appreciate it.
Hope this comes in handy!

Much Love,

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