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This may sound like a bizarre topic to talk about, but it’s definitely a topic that is discussed at large. For instance, a question that most expats ask is whether they can get their favorite foods here. If you are a
health buff it may be harder for you to find certain natural products and healthy food alternatives. However, if you are just looking for your regular grocery staples HEINZ ketchup, LUCKY CHARMS cereal, POPTARTS, Peanut butter and jelly, and all the other fix-ins. There is no need to worry. A piece of advice to you,  if you were thinking of packing your suitcases with food I suggest you do not because 90% of what you are packing is most likely already here.
I took a few snap shots, just so you can get an idea of what to expect on your supermarket visits here in Saudi Arabia.






As you can see there are many options, some of which you
cannot even find at home. So be ready to experiment… I guarantee it’s a blast.





These larger supermarkets are called HYPER-markets and are found throughout the cities in Saudi Arabia. If you are one of the unlucky ones (like me) that work on the outskirts or rural towns then there are smaller supermarkets. But, then again that’s what weekends are for and you will find that many of the locals also do their groceries in neighbouring major cities.
Take a peek at popular supermarket websites:
So, feel free to ask for any specific products and I will give it a search on my next visit!
Don’t worry it is a lot better than it may seem.

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