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Many of you will read the title and sigh, thinking seriously they’re talking about dry cleaning. But, all I can say is I should have written this a long time ago considering how helpful the information was when I came across it.

Like many things even dry cleaning in Saudi Arabia has its rules and its advantages and disadvantages.  Read this if laundry is not your thing…
Drop your clothes of in bags and collect them on hangers or folded in plastic sealed sleeves.
UNDERWEAR & UNDER GARMENTS: It is not custom for dry cleaners to handle these items. Boxers are sometimes overlooked but LADIES absolutely NO undergarments are to be sent to the dry cleaners. It is serious, it is perceived as inappropriate behavior and I’ve even heard of
them notifying the MUTWA (religious police) in some cases.
NO GUARANTEE POLICY: There is no guarantee that your clothes may get burnt by the iron or torn in the washing machine or discolored by the bleach used. There is also no guarantee that your clothes get lost or given to the wrong person. Thou not regularly occurring it does happen in some cases a small cash value is given.
Cheap and cheerful compared to most of our home countries dry cleaning in Saudi Arabia is VERY cheap. With prices averaging around one dress shirt approx. 60 cents USD and an abaya going at around $3-USD.

Most dry cleaning services in Saudi Arabia are next day service regardless of the amount of clothing. They’re pretty good at this, and will even tell you roughly the exact time they will be ready.

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