Posted on December 15, 2013

How to pick-up someone in Saudi?

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The thought of courting (romantically) in Saudi Arabia is hard to believe, let alone casual dating. But believe it and me it happens  quite a lot. In a country with strict gender-segregation rules and ultra Islamic-conservative practices it’s hard to comprehend the idea of
dating. Considering dating publicly is strictly against the law here, keep it discrete and you may get away with it. I am by no means advocating forbidden dating. I am a realist and truth be told, it happens. So, for all you single expats venturing out to Saudi Arabia this may in fact be the place you find your soul mate (cheesy, I know).

I have listed the top 5 most popular ways to pick up somebody; Keep in mind discretion is key.

1. Number drop:

This has to be the most popular,and the most often practiced. The number drop is giving your number to someone in the most discreet manner possible. This includes no talking and at times even no eye contact. The way to do this is to write your name and number on a small piece of paper, fold it and very graciously drop that number in close proximity to the person. The person will then proceed to pick up the paper and if interested, give you a call.

Some have mastered the art of this pick up, whereby the interested person (most likely the male) will directly drop the number into her purse. The woman is aware and participates by carrying her handbag slightly open for an easy shot.
I have seen/experienced the number drop in many forms. Another common method is doing the name drop through an open window. Yes, directly thrown into your car window. Yes, it is very daring but if you’re interested, you’re interested.

2. Bluetooth Prowl:

Technology used at its best.How better to get someone’s attention than directly on their phone. Basically, you keep your Bluetooth on and give yourself a cute (sexy) id name. You then proceed to go to a crowded area (i.e. malls) where you are sure to encounter others. If and when interested you make a blatant gesture on your phone (i.e.checking, typing). The interested party will then perform a Bluetooth search and locate you. If interested accept and proceed with caution.
Girls are known to share pics of them all dolled up and uncovered. It can get a bit risqué; like always discretion is key.

3. Bring a Friend:

Comfort in numbers, is the motto of this pick-up trick. Girls, if you’re looking to meet a guy it is very rare that a solo guy will grab your attention, it applies to men as well. If you’re a man and think that a girl will talk to you alone you’re most likely wrong. Simply, the mix of nerves, confidence, stupidity and awkwardness can come off scary when alone. Having friends around is a great buffer and makes one more approachable. Also, people tend to be more confident and ambitious with people around.

4. Getting Lucky (getting laid):

If you’re looking for a good time and have no interest in a relationship then this is where you want to focus. For starters it’s almost impossible to find it out in the open and no one will
be advertising it. But getting lucky usually combines “liquid courage” and the right place. No better place than a Western Compound or Embassy Party. Where no rules/laws apply. Western sexual ideologies are in full swing and it is one of the few places you will find people getting drunk. I don’t encourage this because it can get messy when drinks are involved but to each their own. At least now you know where to find it.

5. Online:

I know meeting people online is a bit closeted and even embarrassing at times but in such a closed society it in fact is very pleasurable. Imagine meeting someone without having to get dressed up or go anywhere. Saudi Arabia is one of the largest Internet consumers in the world. This being said chat rooms have become a thing of the past with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr running our social lives what better way to find someone. It’s absolutely brilliant. Unlimited access to messaging and pictures with no fear of breaking laws has made cyber-dating all the rage.
A final note, as long as you’re respectful to the culture and the laws enforced then I see no harm in getting to know somebody. That being said, discretion is of the most importance when diving into the dating game here. Be careful, smart and practice extreme caution. No one wants to be caught with their pants down!
Much Love,

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  • Mohd August 1, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    I landed here searching for Point #4. one part of me says ” god damn leave your phone number here ” lol. but i am already married, and yes i am not happy.

    Allahuma ighnina bi7alalik 3an haramik wa bifadlik 3an man siwak.

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