Posted on June 3, 2014

Can I get an Abortion in Saudi Arabia?

This is a touchy subject no matter what side of the fence you sit on regarding abortion. But, unlike the freedoms found elsewhere in the world the act of voluntary abortion are completely outlawed here in Saudi Arabia. It is illegal for any person(s) to perform an abortion for reasons of choice. Thus, you will not find an abortion clinic in the medical directory anywhere in the Kingdom.
Abortions for reasons of life-threatening pregnancies, complications, and/or possible miscarriage are to be performed in government approved health facilities (hospitals). Only when a doctor has examined and reached a conclusion that aborting the child is the only viable option will it be performed.
So, as you can see there is no pro-life/pro-choice debate here in Saudi Arabia.
However, things happen it’s the way of life and in those incidents it is most common for women to seek out black market abortions. There are pills and procedures that women have been known of procuring in Saudi Arabia to have at-home abortions. I CANNOT urge enough how this is not to be done. It is not safe and professionals should carry out an abortion always!
It is very popular for women to contact clinics abroad and schedule travels to meet these appointments. Neighboring country like Lebanon, Morocco, Turkey are all places whereby many women from Saudi go to seek medical abortion services.
Like I said this is a touchy and personal matter and should be thought through carefully before drastic actions are made. Best of luck to all of you women in these situations.
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