Posted on September 4, 2015


Being in Saudi has opened my eyes to the reality that people here really like to travel. They may not be jet setters traveling around the world but they definitely like to escape their harsh climates at least yearly.  As many already know ARABS like to do things like other ARABS even when travelling. Meaning they tend to go to places that are highly frequented by other ARABS.
One thing ARABS have in common is that they tend to look for the same things when deciding where to go on vacation; here is a sum up of just that.
1. Convenience- travelling to a country needs to be stress -free. This includes direct flights being available and no-visa requirements or very easily issued visas imposed by the destination country.
2. Distance- Flights need to be reasonable in flight time duration. I think 10 hours is the overall consensus of maximum flight time accepted. Anything over needs to be drastic (U.S.A)
3. Familiarity- The country visited needs to make special attention to the ARAB culture. Arab Street, Arab Quarter, Arab District of sorts needs to be available. Here they will find everything from Shawara vendors to fancy Kabsa serving restaurants. Let’s not forget the blaring Arab tunes, shisha smoke and makeshift belly dancers.
4. Leisure- Arabs know money and they like to see and spend money. This being said they love to shop and spoil themselves on vacation. So nice restaurants, extravagant malls and shopping districts and upscale spas are all very welcomed.
5. Exchange Power: For many Arabs they want to see the power of their money. Places with similar lower exchange rates are often visited to get bang for buck. Arabs will always compare these prices and experiences back to their countries so exchange/price ratio is always at play.


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