Posted on May 12, 2014


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Your first invitation in Saudi Arabia will most likely involve this dish. Kabsa is the traditional dish here in Saudi Arabia.It is a rice-based dish served with a large portion of meat (chicken, camel,beef, lamb). The dish is consumed daily and is can be found at many of the local eateries. The special thing about this rice/meat dish is the way it is cooked and the spices used. The distinct taste can be credited to the mixed use of saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, black lime, black pepper, cloves and  nutmeg. Kabsa can be prepared in different ways most commonly a combination of stovetop and
oven but the most traditional form is the use of an underground BBQ pit.
Kabsa can be found all over the Middle East under different names and slight differences in the use of spices. What is always similar is that rice and animal meat are involved. When ordering Kabsa please
keep in mind that it is served in large portions and one serving is often enough for 3 people.

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