Posted on January 15, 2015


Personal biases aside Yemeni food is considered the most authentic Middle Eastern cuisine with dishes dating back centuries. The use of clay pots to cook many of the traditional dishes reflects on accent old recipes. In fact, many well known popular “Saudi” dishes are in fact Yemeni dishes or originate from similar dishes. That being said I have never met an Arab that didn’t like Yemeni food, why? I can’t say, but it may have to do with the basic fact that it is delicious.
 Heading to a popular authentic Yemeni restaurant here in Jeddah with my group of Yemeni’s, it was only fitting we order one of everything to get a good sense of what traditional Yemeni cuisine is all about. This place is very traditional, so you won’t find chairs and tables anywhere. Instead the dining area for families is made up of wooden rooms with carpeted and pillowed floor seating, similar is found on the lower level for single men.
The food, was interesting for me some dishes were a hit others were not so much. I am a huge fan of the masoob a blend of bread and banana topped with qashta and honey. Aseeda, which is a stiff dough type dish that is also topped with honey and eaten by hand, was delicious.The savory dishes were good, especially the liver dish that was prepared
spicy with vegetables. SALTA, which is a blend of many things (eggs, herbs, beans, tomatoes….) was not to my liking but seemed to be a hit with everybody else.

The entire experience was amazing very communal and intimate. You really get a sense of family dining. The prices are incredible for the amount of food that is served. So, if your looking for a twist on dining experiences this is definitely a place to expand your cultural taste buds!

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