Posted on January 31, 2015


Sugar-free, low fat cupcake? This must be a joke. No, in fact it is true and these gems can be found happily displayed in the cutest cupcake shop to hit Jeddah’s bakery scene. After conflicting information and a bit of confusion; the place is in fact called PINKYE, formerly known as Sprinklez. It has now been bought out by the hugely successful NUKALY and renamed PINKYE. Rest assured nothing but the name has changed.
The shop is nestled amongst the rows of restaurants found on of Jeddah’s most popular dining streets, Herra. It’s hard to spot, but when you find the cutely decorated shop you will be amazed how you didn’t notice it before. The decor alone had my heart fluttering, with walls lined in cupcake wallpaper and glass shelves of intricately baked cupcakes and macaroons I was impressed.
The shop offers specialty custom cakes that can be ordered with a few designs on show in the shop, it’s safe to say these guys are gifted. They had immaculate cakes on display everything from a colourful unicorn to a 3-tiered circus cake. BUT, it was clear that the star of the shop had to be their selection of sugar-free low fat cupcakes! Yes, you’ve read right; cupcakes that are guilt free. Say no more, the minute I laid eyes on the sign I knew it was all over.
Choosing one of every flavour, mini cupcake and macaroons, the testing began. The cupcakes were moist and delicious naturally sweet enough to calm a sweet tooth but not enough to have you in any type of sugar coma. What we loved was their assortment of flavours; so many fruit flavoured options had us going between blueberry cupcakes and mango macaroons.










Considering this place is blocks away from where we live, you can be assured that it will be dropping by ever so often.

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