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shake shack ksa
So, Shake Shack has arrived in Saudi Arabia. Yes, yet another burger joint to hit the restaurant scene in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah to be exact. The long-awaited and anticipated opening of Shack Shake was warmly received by anxious patrons spanning hour-long wait lines. For those of you who aren’t familiar  with the restaurant it is an American pop culture icon. Most definitely one of the most Instagrammed burgers in the world the famous char-grilled burger and cheese fries special are no stranger to fame.
Opening their doors for the first time in Saudi Arabia the restaurant happily lives up to the hype. The wait time not so much. With ridiculous 1-hr wait times to give your order only to self-serve the rest of your experience. In true fast-food burger joint style the restaurant is order fast and eat faster. Placing an order at the counter to be summoned to collect your order in a few minutes, to seating your self and obtaining all condiments and utensil at a local station. There is nothing fancy about Shake Shack, so don’t be mistaken.
I honestly love the vibe, luckily didn’t have to wait long to place an order (10-mins). From start to finish the entire dining experience lasted a mere 30-minutes. The service is quick, the place is spotless and the menu is simple but satisfying.

A little on the food, the burgers for me were fantastic. I tend not to like burgers much because of the excessive buns but the burger-to-bun ratio at Shake Shack was perfect. I loved it. As for the crinkly fries with cheese I found the cheese to harden so quickly that you really didn’t get a chance to enjoy it. I would prefer to get regular fries my next time round. Lastly, the concretes (frozen custard) was delicious it isn’t as heavy as ice cream and not as sweet as your typical custard absolutely delectable.

This is not a place to sit and chat as the busboy (more like watch men) continuously hover to clear tables as soon as possible to deal with the endless lines. So go prepared, the menu can be found online, order , eat, enjoy and leave.

Official Website Here:

If you’ve visited or tried anything else on the menu, please let me know!

Much Love,

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