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I’ve posted several times about my love for fish. I absolutely love fish and it is always my preferred option when dining out. Saudi Arabia’s coastal region has definitely catered to fish addicts like myself and you can find numerous seafood restaurants across Saudi Arabia. A local favourite and huge success is “SEAFOOD RESTAURANT” or “BAHRYA” in Arabic. They have locations in
Medina, Jeddah and Riyadh, a total 14 different locations.

On my visit,  the 45-mins wait was the first indicator that this place was something special. Visiting the Medina location, I was informed that it’s known to be the BEST location of them all but that title carries no weight. Prior to being seated your orders are taken to ensure that the food could begin preparation. After being seated in their marine-themed family section, the orders were served quickly after being seated (so thankful).
The food was delicious and the fish was just perfection. Prices were definitely fair and despite the wait time this place is totally recommended. The only shame is that the restaurant hasn’t embraced its expat community (nothing is in English) and can be one of the reasons why we don’t know about it.
The official website is linked below and the direct page to locations. Although completely in Arabic, Google translate does a good job of making it somewhat tangible. Also, the pictures of the dishes will give a little insight of what to expect.




Definitely recommended and you should give it a try!

Locations Here: Check it out! 
Official Website: Look here! 

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