Posted on April 7, 2014



I have hit another local favourite here in Jeddah and it is all-Indonesian. A popular Indonesian restaurant found snug within the city is a place that could easily be overlooked. No flashy signs or allocated parking spaces, website or advertising could be found. But, for locals who filled the restaurant that afternoon this place was a clear hit! I have never had Indonesian food so I had no idea what to expect but based on the decor alone you could become very skeptical very quick. The restaurant is fully clocked in Indonesian decor, the walls and ceiling heavily covered in a bark like finishing and dim lighting may scare a few off.

Going with a veteran customer, I heavily relied on him to help with ordering our meals. The food is  authentic Indonesian and may not be familiar but the waiters are helpful in explaining every detail to be expected. We ordered a selection of dishes to feed on and overall it was very pleasurable. The food is good the prices are even better. I recommend if you are in Jeddah and want to try something different you give this place a try.




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